4 different JC ex-students share their experiences of their time as a JC student.

Their time as a JC student might not be all rosy, but you (especially if you're a JC student looking for some encouragement) may be glad to know all 4 of them are doing well in their lives now.

Kevin Wee (ex-Raffles JC)

Xin Lin (ex-Hwa Chong JC)

Anna (unidentified top 5 JC)

Rachel Yohannan (ex-Raffles JC)
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In addition to ex-RJC Kevin Wee's post (linked in the 1st post of this forum thread), here are 2 other ex-RJC students' (one of whom is currently a medical doctor) posts sharing their experience on being in RJC.

On a related note, here is the famous Wall Street Journal article, stating that RJC is the top school (in the entire world, even beating top schools in USA), in terms of the percentage of students successfully entering top Universities in USA and UK (ie. Ivy League, Oxbridge, etc).
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Other than the fact he took down his YouTube video (in which he video recorded himself actually burning up his A level certificate for real), there is another little epilogue on Kevin Wee.

On RJC Confessions Facebook, someone posted :

To the Kevin Wee dude who did the video on the education system:

The surest way for one to realise his dreams is to go through the given system that works and aim to be the best. In any society, regardless of what systems there are, there will always be the better and lousier people - that's a fact of life and there's nothing you can do to change that.

You flunked your A levels because you hate the system- you have an extremely defeatist attitude and you're unwilling to work hard. Your mistake was not that you were bad, but you were senseless to not take the guaranteed path RJ or any JC offers you and instead tried challenging and finding fault with the system. You claim that "other alternative less competitive" paths can get you to success to. Well sure, if these methods worked you wouldn't be here making vlogs for a living, see?

Competition and comparison between the better and the poorer people in any country is inevitable. You hate the system because it's competitive, and people who lag or are left behind suffer a horrible fate. But it is only with this system that the top few people even work hard in the first place. If we didn't have to compete or work hard for our success, then nobody would study hard at all.

It is people like you who kill the determination and driving force in Singapore. It doesn't help that the "lousier" people as we call it are lagging behind, but people like you have to exacerbate things by telling them that JC is hard, PW stress is crazy and whatnot. Yes it is stressful, but are you telling me this stress is necessarily bad? Will you not face stress and failure in your career in future? Clearly, no pain no gain. If you're unwilling to put in 1000%, you'll never make it big. Maybe that's why you're into making vlogs now eh?

And WHAT THE FUCK stop hitting on your juniors by asking them if they're cute that's just creepy. I have already notified relevant authorities too, have fun [1f642]

To which Kevin Wee replied :
Haha I <3 you too!

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