Almost all "How to defend against knife attacks demonstration" videos on the internet are bullshit. This one isn't. This ex-US Marine & Police Cop (now operating his own self-defence instruction classes) is the real deal.

Watch at 5min 40sec.

Top rated comment by another ex-US Marine below the video :

Adrain Potts
I was a grunt in the USMC for four years. We drilled this stuff over and over and over. I’ll never forget the gunnery sergeant who spent a week with us at Camp Legeune instructing us on knife fighting. Will never forget his first lesson. “If you ever end up in a knife fight, you’re most definitely going to get stabbed PERIOD. Technical skill, though absolutely necessary, will only get you so far. Your will to live has to be stronger than your opponents if you want to survive. Your response needs to be fueled with the intent to SIEZE, WITHHOLD, AND DESTROY THE ENEMY WITH EXTREME VIOLENCE AND PREJUDICE!!!” Great lesson Gents! Felt like a school circle. Semper Fi!
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