A student asked on Reddit for advice on this. I helpfully replied :

Panadol can be helpful to prevent and/or minimize headaches during exam periods, but to protect your liver & kidneys from damage, you (ie. everyone taking panadol) should take glutathione together with panadol, preferably in a 1:1 pill ratio. The reason why panadol (in regular and/or excessive intake) causes liver & kidney damage, is that it causes the depletion of glutathione levels in these organs, and glutathione has very critically important anti-oxidant biochemical properties essential for healthy functioning throughout your body. In Singapore pharmacies, you can buy (over-the-counter) the glutathione precursor n-acetylcysteine sold as Fluimucil. Online, many different brands are licensed to sell Setria glutathione (ie. the glutathione tripeptide as manufactured by Setria).

Lastly, a word of warning : do NOT take panadol + aspirin together, or if you really have to, accompany with double-dose of glutathione. Reason :
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